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commented 2017-06-04 16:35:13 +0100
Volunteering to help get the Labour vote out and persuade people to vote for Labour and against Ian Duncan Smith and the Tories on election day
commented 2017-05-14 14:13:49 +0100
I just signed up but Postcode was wrong. Can’t edit it now. Postcode should have been E4 9RW
commented 2017-05-10 13:22:02 +0100
More than happy to be part for the fight for labour
commented 2015-05-02 13:19:01 +0100
plz there are lots of people who would back you up in chingford but your campaign is not being pushed home with people chingford where there are asian familys need the message to drive home which you are not doing ,i wish i could help you but iam wheel chair patient and have problem getting round,

time is running out fast get your volunteers in this area so it gives you a fighting chance ,determination and fighting sprite is needed and is it seems at very short supply at the moment,so get them volinteers in top gears ,TAKE NO PRISONERS ONLY VOTERS ,SUPPORTERS


Tariq Mahmood

commented 2014-12-18 18:22:17 +0000
We would love to support you in your fight against IDS put perhaps first you would answer our questions. We would then publicise your support for veterans to the thousands of veterans who now give us their support.

Future Policies Concerning Veterans, War Widows and their Families

The Veterans Party was formed two years ago to campaign for all veterans of the British Armed Forces and to fight for their rights. Our organisation has steadily shown growth with strong support from many veterans and their families.

I am writing to you in this instance seeking answers to a number of questions regarding your parties policies on the treatment of veterans, widows and their families should your party help form the next government in May 2015. We have written to all parties that might be involved in forming the next government enquiring of their policies towards veterans, widows and their families

The Veterans Party will publish answers received and any failure to reply will also be reported. Currently we are reaching thousands of veterans through our various lines of communications and we expect this figure to increase over the next few months.

Questions regarding policies

Many of our members have little confidence in the Armed Forces Covenant and see it as pure political smoke and mirrors, fine words and promises with little substance.

Our members have asked The Veterans Party to put the following questions to all political parties:
Armed Forces Covenant

It is understand that provision of health and social care is the responsibility of the Dept of Health regardless of the individual’s occupation or former occupation. However, where service personnel and veterans are concerned the Government currently states they recognises the ongoing need to acknowledge what service personnel have done and the Government is committed to do more to ensure that service personnel, veterans and their families have the support they need and are treated with dignity they deserve. Therefore, on 16 May 2011 the Government published the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Covenant has many fine words without saying or promising anything specific. Therefore it would be extremely helpful to our members if you would be kind enough to confirm your parties policies regarding the following:

Will your party rewrite and bring into law an Armed Forces Covenant that is fit for purpose ensuring the correct treatment and support of veterans, widows and their families to provide:~


A priority pathway to assist veterans through the NHS and Social Services with specifically trained personnel to lead in these cases ?


A priority support system for those veterans suffering psychological and physical problems, especially homeless and those experiencing difficulties in employment, without making reference to a charity ?


A system of support for those veterans undergoing prison sentences owing to possible psychological problems caused by active service ?


Ensure social services and local authorities give priority to veterans on release into the community following a prison sentence providing housing and other support.


A priority pathway through social services and local authorities to assist veterans experiencing homelessness ?


A pathway to ensure members of the Armed Forces are provided with priority social housing when their service is completed and they find themselves homeless ?

Military Pensions

The Veterans Party was told 2 years ago by the Secretary of State for Defence that the military pension was aligned to the Consumer Price Index as an emergency measure during the banking crises. As that crises is reported as being over and growth is now seen in the economy:


Will you re-align the military pension to the Retail Price Index which takes into account housing needs and costs which is not included within RPI.

War Widows Pension Rights

The Veterans Party was pleased to see the announcement regarding War Widows would not have their pension rights removed should they re-marry after April 2015. We do not believe this to be a fair measure for all war widows, especially when discovering members of parliament families do not lose their pension rights in similar circumstances.


Will your party give pension rights to all war widows and not disadvantage them by removing or reducing their pension rights should they remarry. To be back dated to effect all War Widows.

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Veterans Party understands that improvements in the treatment and support of veterans suffering with PTSD has been shown over the last twelve months but we would ask:


Will your party give priority to a dedicated government organisation that will support sufferers of PTSD and families and not rely on charities. The organisation to also support those who have self medicated. Such an organisation will also be responsible for family respite.

5. Medical and Health


Will your party work towards ensuring all injured Veterans receive priority medical treatment throughout their lifetime. To include priority treatment with updated technology and cutting edge prosthetic limbs.


It is widely accepted that the symptoms of some illnesses and disorders may take many years to manifest, especially PTSD. To ensure that the National Health Service recognises this situation and veterans can register their status with medical providers to ensure they receive priority treatment, should they require treatment in the future.

6. Ministerial Representation in Government

Currently responsibility of various issues concerning veterans, war widows and families is distributed across a number of ministries. Responsibility is also shared between ministers such as Health and DWP. The current ministerial arrangement unfortunately fragments support for veterans:

Q 12

Would your party support the introduction of a dedicated minister with its dedicated support for veterans who will be able to cut across the boundaries ensuring fairer treatment of veterans, war widows and their families

Military Impostors


Will your party make it a criminal offence for any person to wear military uniform, badges, insignia and medals to which they are not entitled.

Gulf War Syndrome and other medical conditions brought on by military service

The Veterans Party understands a time bomb of long term psychological and medical conditions brought on by fighting a war for more than ten years exists in the United Kingdom. We are currently experiencing many veterans suffering PTSD from the Northern Ireland conflict and many other operations since. Veterans must have confidence that the government of the day will care for veterans in the future.


Does your party agree that Veterans now suffering from problems brought on by active service should be provided with all the support necessary from a grateful Nation and Government and not have to rely on charity.

The Veterans Part would welcome your thoughts on any other issues concerning veterans that your party might want to lead on in the future. We will be writing to you shortly regarding the number of military charities and their workings.

I look forward to your reply and I thank you in advance for you help in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Tony Clatworthy

Communications Director

The Veterans Party

Copies to:

Rt Hon H Harman MP

Rt Hon Shapps MP

Mr T Farron MP

Mr Crowther

(SNP written to separately)
commented 2014-12-03 13:39:05 +0000

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